Dragon Ball: Time and Space Questing and Gameplay

  • In today's video we are showcasing some gameplay and questing at Dragon Ball: Time and Space.

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    DBTS Team

  • guys it's open world but it feels so small and if you can add flying in some point

    and character customization it need to be more choices colors ...

    good luck i hope it will be a good game

    big support guys

    One of the big reasons the world felt small was because players were limited to reach certain places due to having invisible walls blocking them, another reason it felt less open world was because players were unable to enter the water to swim. We have already resolved both of these issues by removing the invisible walls and adding a swimming system which will give the players a lot more freedom when roaming around the world.

    Flying system is also our plan and it is possible to implement, but it will be after making other important changes/fixes which will happen in the testing phase, so you can look forward to it :)

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