Dragon Ball: Time & Space Game Improvements Showcase #3

  • Today we are showcasing even further game enhancements, lots of in-game settings have been added and further improvements to combat elements and camera.

    Additions to in-game settings:

    • Camera Field Of View
    • Rotation Speed
    • Camera Offset X / Y
    • Enable/Disable Invert Camera X / Y Rotation
    • Enable/Disable Crosshair
    • Enable/Disable "Quick Skill Cast" (Skills are instantly casted when button pressed)
    • Enable/Disable "Auto Focus Target" (Focus is applied whenever an enemy has been targeted)
    • Enable/Disable "Focus Target Locks Camera" (Camera follows the focused target)

    Crosshair Update:

    • By default white and invisible if mouse is active. Turns red if skill is being casted and attack able enemy is within hit range.

    Combat Skill Updates:

    • Hit Detection - The hit detection of beam skills (like kamehameha, masenko, super flash gun, ..) adjusted to properly work in 3D World Space
    • Skill Indicator - Beam skills now have different skill indicator which works in 3d instead of 2d space. They now use width, height & depth

    Camera Update:
    We've upgraded the whole camera system, camera movement is a lot smoother than before as shown in the video giving the overall game a more cinematic feel and a much more improved depth of field

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